Jade Manna Management

Comprehensive Support Services

Jade Manna goes beyond basic management. We offer holistic support encompassing financial advice, wellness coaching, and more, to ensure our athletes excel in every aspect of their sport and personal life.

Professional Services

Professional expertise is the cornerstone at Jade Manna. We adeptly handle everything from contract negotiations to brand management, simplifying the complexities of sports management for our athletes.

Personalized Attention

Personalized attention is at the heart of Jade Manna. We tailor our approach to each athlete's unique needs and dreams, making every individual a valued and integral part of our team.

Collaborative Approach

At Jade Manna, we prioritize a partnership-first mentality. Collaborating closely with our athletes, we empower them to actively shape their careers, ensuring their goals and voices are central to our strategy.

Jade Manna's Mission

We Fight For You

At Jade Manna, our mission is to redefine sports management by fostering a culture of collaboration, comprehensive support, and personalized attention. We are dedicated to empowering athletes across diverse sports disciplines, guiding them towards achieving their highest potential both professionally and personally. Our commitment lies in providing expert services with integrity and innovation, ensuring each athlete we represent excels in their career and beyond. We strive to be more than just agents; we aim to be trusted partners in our athletes’ journeys to greatness.

Why Jade Manna

Empowering Partnerships

At Jade Manna, we redefine the athlete-agent relationship. Our collaborative approach places a strong emphasis on partnership, empowering our athletes to take an active role in shaping their careers. We understand the power of listening – ensuring the goals and voices of our athletes are not just heard, but are central to our strategy. It’s about building success together, where each athlete is a key player in their journey.

Holistic Athlete Support

We believe in supporting our athletes beyond the field or arena. Jade Manna extends its services beyond traditional management, providing a holistic support system that encompasses financial advice, wellness coaching, mental health support, and more. Our aim is to ensure our athletes excel in every aspect of their sport and personal life, fostering a balance that nurtures both professional and personal growth.

Tailored to You

The essence of Jade Manna lies in personalized attention. Every athlete is unique, with distinct needs, aspirations, and dreams. We recognize this diversity and tailor our approach accordingly, ensuring each athlete is not just a client but a valued member of the Jade Manna family. Our commitment to personalization means we’re dedicated to understanding and aligning with each athlete’s individual path to success.

Professional Excellence

Our cornerstone is professional expertise. At Jade Manna, we navigate the complexities of sports management with proficiency and integrity. From contract negotiations to brand management, our seasoned team adeptly handles all facets of an athlete’s career. We strive to simplify the intricacies of the sports world, allowing our athletes to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

Champions Inside and Out

Beyond creating champions in sports, Jade Manna is committed to championing the well-being and life success of our athletes. We stand against the shadows of corruption and opacity that too often mar the sports management industry. Our goal is to guide our athletes to become champions in their respective fields and in life, making decisions that are in their best interest, always. With Jade Manna, athletes can expect a partnership that is not only focused on their current success but also on their long-term legacy and well-being.